A few years ago, this is what the About Us page on our old catering website said:

Between BBQ catering, pop-up dinners and day jobs the Pork Ninjas compete in barbecue competitions all over North America. The current team is comprised of Jason Rees and Andrea Toole, food blogger, team sous chef & cornbread baker.

The catering company was formed almost by accident. It began as a way to fund barbecue contests and at first Jason only catered for people he knew. Then friends and customers of those people began to call. Strangers hired him. A business was born.

From Jason’s long-standing bio…

It was a fallen apple tree that began Jason Rees’s obsession for cooking with wood so many years ago. The passion for food cooked over that old apple tree lead to the creation of the award-winning Pork Ninjas Barbecue & Catering Team.  Jason is a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society and also a certified KCBS judge.

The rest of the story…

His girlfriend/partner Andrea joined him during the 2012 season because not seeing him on weekends for several months sounded boring. She was instantly hooked.  Check out her website, Finding Health & Wellness.
(No longer the cornbread baker – Jason has staff for that – nor a food blogger, Andrea is an ADHD Coach for adults, a social media manager and a digital content manager. She maintains the Earlsourt BBQ social media and web presence. She also occasionally works in the restaurant as a server.)

Bourbon the dog came into their lives in May 2013 and often accompanies them to catering jobs outside of Toronto. As a mutt of unconfirmed origin, the theory is that she’s a Scarberian Landscaping Dog or a Laserhound. She helps with clean up and security. Follow her on Instagram: bourbonbrowndog.


What People are Saying

“Great Spread ”

“Hi Jason, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great spread you put on at our place on Saturday. Not only did you pull this together last minute but served a delicious meal, in the rain and in the dark with the mud and my dog at your feet. 🙂”

-Birthday party client

“Everything Went Perfectly”

“The seafood boil was a big hit – I’ve never seen so much seafood in my life, and I could tell that all my guests were quite impressed…To this day, I still laugh that Jason hunted us down and literally put food in our mouths so that we could relax for a few minutes and enjoy the event for what it was. Set up and clean up was efficient. The whole process was a joy. Thank you so, so much. I’m glad we went with you guys – it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I will ONLY recommend you to anyone looking for catering.

-Wedding client, September 2017

“The Best Wedding Food Ever”

“Jason + Pork Ninjas catered our wedding on Toronto Island and it was AMAZING. We keep hearing from people that it was the best wedding food they’ve ever had and Jason was such a pleasure to deal with, even with the Island being partially under water .”

-Wedding client, July 2017

“Top Notch”

“We hired Jason and his team to cater a backyard bbq at our home for a work even we were hosting. His food was top notch (and all Ontario raised) and he was a pleasure to have around. We will be recommending him and his delicious food to all our friends and colleagues. Thanks so much, Jason. You guys live up to your name!”

-Corporate Client (law firm), June 2016.